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  • v. avert one's gaze


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  • Louis threw his head back in a scream that finally could be heard, tried to turn, tried to remove his hands from their deathgrip on the back of the empty chair, tried to look away from the mirror.

    Prayers To Broken Stones

  • Only after you managed to look away from them did you notice her face, which was un-pretty — pug and tomboyish.

    The Coffin Dancer

  • Light-haired brown-eyed Alex lifts his chin to me and I look away for a moment thinking my face might burn away from pleasure.


  • Ferried by school bus or by accommodating parents, children were taught from infancy to look away from their communities for their activities, hobbies and satisfactions.

    No Laughing Matter

  • The glory on Mirrim's face caused Piemur to look away in embarrassment and envy.

    Dragon Drums

  • A normal day inside the processing room runs like a slasher film: There's not much of a plotline, and yet it's hard to look away while a dozen industrious butchers in white, blood-smeared coats and yellow hard hats clean and cut meat.

    Where's the Beef? A Steak Makes a Long Journey

  • He had to force himself to look away from all that, from what it made him want to do, because they now had forty-three minutes to get up four more levels, pull the plug on station defenses, and get back down to the Pandea before alarms started wailing.

    Songs of Love & Death

  • I asked, forcing myself to look away from Mr. Carmichael.

    Paradise Lost

  • It took an effort of will to look away from Mr. Windberry, but she managed, and the buzzing in her head told her she'd been holding her breath.

    Hero Come Back

  • Bile rose in Anna's throat and she wanted to look away but the action had her mesmerized.



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