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  • n. The routing of a signal, data stream, etc. from its origin back to the origin, primarily as a means of testing the transmission or transportation infrastructure.


loop +‎ back (Wiktionary)


  • Configures the device to perform DTE (Data Terminal Equipment) loopback, which is a diagnostic test of the internal CSU/DSU and the local DTE.

    set wan ds3 loopback

  • Configures the device to perform local loopback, which is a diagnostic line test which forces the device's CSU to loop data received from the network back out to the network. remote

    set wan ds3 loopback

  • Instead, I'm going to use what's known as the loopback address, which every server translates to

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  • "magical" address which is reserved IP address (in IPv4) used for a so called loopback network and translated to something that we humans can understand means "this computer".


  • If you mean a "loopback" interface that is not attached to an adapter?

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  • And when she's not in the mood in a few months because all her userspace is occupied, he'll always have his loopback interface to rely on.

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  • One points to an inexistent rss. php file and another one to loopback host.

    Scripting News for 9/21/07 « Scripting News Annex

  • As I looked at the network traffic - it was most definitely the infernal, the detestable, the ignorant waste of time but fatal loopback error.

    Loopbacks on the Last Day

  • You see, systems flail and die under loopback errors.

    Loopbacks on the Last Day

  • You often need someone to help you when you cannot find the loopback -- feel comfortable asking for help from someone who knows more than you do.

    Loopbacks on the Last Day


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