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  • noun A globular or melon-shaped pot, usually of polished brass, used in the East Indies for drawing water, drinking, and ablutions.
  • noun A genus of gadoid fishes of an elongate shape with villiform teeth on the jaws and vomer, typical of the subfamily Lotinæ. The burbot, L. maculosa, is an example. See cut under burbot.

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  • noun A pot; specifically a container filled with water used in India, for washing and ablution.
  • noun colloquial, Pakistan A person that switches loyalties, especially from one political party to another. This comes from the fact that the "lota" has a tendency to fall over and roll around, as it is not stable sitting on its base.
  • noun colloquial, Italian Slurry, also used as an insult.
  • noun colloquial A person who is employed by a for-profit institution despite having a high net worth derived from managing a family-owned business.

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  • noun burbot
  • noun a globular water bottle used in Asia


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