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  • n. An enzoötic, often fatal, disease of sheep and other domestic animals, of unknown cause. It is characterized by muscular tremors and spasms, followed by more or less complete paralysis. The principal lesion is an inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord.


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  • Mr. Dyer, in his _Church Lore Gleanings_, mentions the "louping," or

    The Child and Childhood in Folk-Thought Studies of the Activities and Influences of the Child Among Primitive Peoples, Their Analogues and Survivals in the Civilization of To-Day

  • And the leal men of Lothian, are louping on their horse;

    Castle Dangerous

  • Alan, however (overpassing my small savings), has the world to win; and louping and laughing, as you and he were wont to do, would soon make the powder flee out of his wig, and the pence out of his pocket.


  • He looked so much like a tramp that Carlitos gave him the nickname of Old Vizcacha * -- but his dedication was not without its * ... a land-louping scapegrace, hung with rags, That lived like a leech in the fens and quags, A gully-raking veteran scamp, Bad-biled as a mangy boar.

    The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told

  • My abiding interest in infectious disease caused me to focus on the tickborne flavivirus, louping-ill virus, which was then regarded as problematic because of concerns about the safety of the vaccine, first developed at the Moredun many years previously.

    Peter C. Doherty - Autobiography

  • Now, rabbit shooting in the winter, with dogs to hunt the bunnies through brushwood, furze, or bracken, so that snap-shots are offered as they dart across open places, is very good fun; but the only way Saurin had of getting at them at this season was by lying in wait in the evening outside the woods and shooting them when they came louping cautiously out.

    Dr. Jolliffe's Boys

  • "Ay," said he, "there will be mackerel there," and he pointed to the sea, all a-louping with the fish, and then he unravelled his knots, and smoothed the strands with hands brown as a bark sail, and hard-looking as an oak.

    The McBrides A Romance of Arran

  • After all, it was only Isaac, the bethrel, who, when we let him in, said that he had just keppit four ressurrectioners louping over the wall.

    The World's Greatest Books — Volume 06 — Fiction

  • Now, traveling three miles to the soldiers 'one, scampering in wide circles over the fields, swimming burns, scrambling under hedges, chasing whaups into piping cries, barking and louping in pure exuberance of spirits, many eyes looked upon him admiringly, and discontented mouths turned upward at the corners.

    Greyfriars Bobby

  • To the mile they ran, Bobby went five, scampering in wide circles and barking and louping at butterflies and whaups.

    Greyfriars Bobby


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