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  • adj. Struck by love; smitten.


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  • Seventeen percent of love-struck shoppers will be buying jewelry this Valentine's Day, shelling out $3.5 billion, up from an estimated $3 billion last year, according to the retail federation.

    Buy insurance for that bling

  • He would show her as much consideration as if his intentions were quite the opposite, as if he were a love-struck suitor begging her favor.

    O: A Presidential Novel

  • I waited, forcing myself to stand like a Chicaza lord instead of the enraged and impetuous love-struck boy I wished to be at that moment.

    Fire The Sky

  • If Kate had been unlucky enough to be of that faith, she would never have been allowed to set foot in Buckingham Palace -- an inconvenient truth, perhaps, and one that is not widely discussed in the ogling media, who are acting collectively like love-struck teenagers.

    Niall O'Dowd: This Royal Wedding Nonsense Cleverly Drowns Out Real Issues

  • Cendrillon is gentle, serious and love-struck, with some deliciously high, floating lines which had DiDonato at her pianissimo best.

    Cendrillon; Rinaldo – review

  • In 2001 he played Seymour, a lonely, love-struck record collector in "Ghost World."

    A Working Actor's Star Turn

  • Benny is terrifically funny as "that great, great actor" Joseph Tura, especially playing opposite Sig Rumann as a Nazi colonel, and a young Robert Stack, the love-struck lieutenant whose cue to tryst with Maria is the first line of Hamlet's soliloquy.

    John Farr: Laughing in Style: That Special 'Lubitsch Touch'

  • Ms. Morgenstern's novel, set at the turn of the 19th century, tells the story of two young, love-struck magicians who compete in a magical circus.

    Conjuring the Next Harry Potter

  • Through a brilliant array of voices and perspectives, debut author Mohsin Hamid tells the story of one love-struck Daru Shezad, who when fired from his banking job, instantly removes himself from the ranks of Pakistan's cell-phone-toting elite and plunges into a life of drugs and crime.

    Moth Smoke by Mohsin Hamid: Book summary

  • Even though he didn't smoke marijuana, the love-struck teen promised to help find some for her.

    Tony Newman: Attractive Undercover Cop Poses as Student and Entraps Teens To "Sell" Her Marijuana


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