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  • n. Courtship; solicitation of union in marriage.


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  • Palestine, with liberty to fight under your honoured banner, and permission from time to time to recommend my love-suit to Bertha, the attendant of the Countess of Paris, and the hope that it may find favour in the eyes of her noble lord and lady.

    Count Robert of Paris

  • But whether this frequent glide into her company was meant as ephemeral flirtation, to fill the half-hours of his journey, or whether it meant a serious love-suit — which were the only alternatives that had occurred to her on the subject — did not trouble her now.

    The Hand of Ethelberta

  • Thus everything was going wrong at Greshamsbury — with the one exception of Mr Oriel and his love-suit.

    Doctor Thorne

  • Poor Rebecca alone falls into the hands of the Templar, who does not cease to press his love-suit.

    The Standard Operaglass Detailed Plots of One Hundred and Fifty-one Celebrated Operas

  • His attempts at wit, which are rarely very successful, and his allusions to the pleasures of the table, of which he is a confessed votary, are absurdly contrasted with the sententious solemnity of the despairing hero, crossed in the prosecution of his love-suit.

    Tales from the Hindu Dramatists

  • ` ` Then, '' said the knight, ` ` I will bear the Soldan's letter faithfully, as if I were his born vassal, --- understanding, that beyond this simple act of service, which I will render with fidelity, from me of all men he can least expect mediation or advice in this his strange love-suit. ''

    The Talisman

  • ` ` Your love-suit, '' said De Bracy, ` ` hath, I suppose, been disturbed, like mine, by this obstreperous summons.


  • Thus far for love, my love-suit, sweet, fulfil. {423a}

    A Life of William Shakespeare with portraits and facsimiles

  • By and by Orsino begged Cesario once more to visit Olivia and to plead his love-suit.

    Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare

  • At last it occurred to Orsino that his hopeless love-suit might prosper better if he sent this pretty lad to woo Olivia for him.

    Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare


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