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  • Lovable; fitted to inspire love.


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  • The heroine helps him see he's love-worthy despite his rough edges.

    Romance by the book: Spend time, not money

  • She offered nothing that Sophia had been brought up to consider as love-worthy or estimable, for what good qualities she had must be accepted with their opposites, in an inconsequential pell-mell of wheat and tares.

    A Different Stripe:

  • Not only do we share her love of what she presents to us, we begin to see the love-worthy bits of life's art we unattentively pass by every day.

    Cherie Louise Turner: Maira Kalman at the Contemporary Jewish Museum: A Life as Art

  • No great heroes with impressive talents, no hyperpowerful magicians, no superbad antagonists, no generation-spanning prophecies, no sly yet love-worthy thieves, no superhuman assassins, no soul-related wolves, kites, dwarves or other races.

    In Gordath Wood: Writer Patrice Sarath » A German review — from

  • But did you ever know a right-minded woman pardon another for being handsome and more love-worthy than herself?


  • When she came to him, if she ever came, it must be because she found something in him that was love-worthy.

    The Trumpeter Swan

  • Some of the best and most honored women I know were poor girls, but so love-worthy that they were not allowed to be old maids.

    Little Women

  • He loved as only a twin can love -- proud of all that Sweyn did, content with all that Sweyn was; humbly content also that his own great love should not be so exceedingly returned, since he knew himself to be so far less love-worthy.

    The Were-Wolf

  • Such villainy set heart and brain on fire with rage and indignation: such villainy in his own brother, till lately love-worthy, praiseworthy, though a fool for meekness.

    The Were-Wolf

  • She saw herself lovely and love-worthy, sleek under the caress of her own beauty.

    Rest Harrow A Comedy of Resolution


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