from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Not placing a high estimate on ecclesiastical organizations or forms; -- applied especially to Episcopalians, and opposed to high-church. See High Church, under high.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Laying little stress on church authority and usage; evangelical: used specifically of those in the Anglican Church who are known as Low-churchmen, and of their principles.


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  • This inner conflict led him to reject what he considered the puritanical and "thwarted views on Sex" that governed the low-church communities in which he had grown up.

    The Great Dissenter

  • And usually the side that was low-church rather than high-church.

    Paula Gordon: Make a Joyful Noise

  • Suddenly, during the sermon, my minister, a low-church convert from heaven knows where, started chanting Abortion is murder.

    TEXAS FAITH: Do religions oppress women? | RELIGION Blog |

  • Aside from actual direct Divine Intervention, which I do not completely rule out, several circumstances functioned synergistically: The Great Awakening, about the time that many of the Founders were born, was an outbreak of the bourgeois version of Christianity, low-church Protestantism.

    Congress becomes Madison’s “overbearing majority”

  • Rev, you must have been in a very low-church denomination.

    "Wipe that f-----g s--t off your face."

  • Part of the Disciples of Christ (Christian Church), its nonritualistic, low-church worship resembles the UCC's.

    Where Will the Obamas Worship?

  • For low-church Protestants like Clinton and Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker, confession usually comes after you get caught, is noisily public, and is so bound up with high-profile damage control that its sincerity cannot be assumed.


  • Church and government officials with low-church, evangelical inclinations would push for strictures on Sunday conduct (no tavern-going, no fun or games); others, of a high-church disposition, would lobby for a laissez-faire tolerance of convivial pursuits, believing that good Christians could enjoy their holy day (or holiday) while also dutifully observing it.

    The Day of Restlessness

  • The other day I heard someone say (tongue-in-cheek) that downtown at St Andrew's (our traditional low-church parish) they won't elevate the host, but they sure will elevate the cash.

    To elevate or not to elevate

  • It's remarkable that this music sprang from low-church Protestants who, for centuries, only grudgingly accepted aesthetic cultivation in worship practice.

    Gospel Truth: The Evolution of an American Musical Tradition


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