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  • Most frightening would be the potential consequences to satellites in low-earth orbit, loosely defined as any orbit below 2,000 kilometers.

    A Nuclear Blast in Space Would Wipe Out Satellites

  • Furthermore, those satellites not destroyed by the initial HEMP burst would find their solar panels and internal electronics degraded by the highly radioactive particles trapped in the Van Allen belts, particularly in the South Atlantic Anomaly, a portion of the Van Allen belts that dip into low-earth orbit due to the shape and inclination of the Earth's magnetic field.

    A Nuclear Blast in Space Would Wipe Out Satellites

  • Emphasizing that the capsule design is intended for "deep space exploration," National Aeronautics and Space Administration chief Charles Bolden said the decision demonstrates the agency is "committed to human exploration beyond low-earth orbit."

    NASA to Use Lockheed Vehicle

  • But the document, signed by Russia, Japan, Canada and various European space agencies, concluded that both exploration paths presented "practical approaches" and "feasible pathways for human missions" beyond low-earth orbit.

    U.S., Partners Split on Space-Exploration Plans

  • The most significant changes we are going to see is that the United States and its international partners for the first time in some 35 years are going to get out of low-earth orbit and get back to the business exploring the inner solar system, said McCurdy.

    NASA Ending Space Shuttle Missions After 30 Years Of Flights

  • The rocket, conceived as a next-generation derivative of the space shuttle, is intended to begin test flights by 2017 and take astronauts beyond low-earth orbit starting as early as 2020.

    Senators Push NASA to Set Rocket Plans

  • A higher-tech solution would be to put lots of reflective mylar in low-earth orbit; a lower-tech solution would be to scatter lots of ping-pong balls in tropical waters; an extremely cute solution, if practicable, would be to stimulate the formation of cirrus clouds over parts of the Pacific Ocean.

    How to Fight Global Warming, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • NASA is looking to give commercial-space companies, including closely held Space Exploration Technologies Corp. of Hawthorne, Calif., rare freedom and scaled-back government oversight to develop such transportation systems for low-earth orbit.

    NASA Seeks Cuts to Unmanned Missions

  • Vehicles that can be used to ferry astronauts to low-earth orbit and the International Space Station are being developed by private companies.

    Space Shuttle Atlantis Prepares for Final Landing

  • A NASA spokeswoman said the findings unequivocally indicated that "exploration beyond low-earth orbit should be done collaboratively," adding that the U.S. hopes the discussion sparked by the report will "contribute to convergence on a single pathway."

    Space Explorers Divided on Next Destination


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