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  • This change, he writes, "may signal that the climate system has exceeded a critical threshold and that most low-latitude, high-altitude glaciers are likely to disappear in the near future."

    The Most Endangered Glaciers

  • "The continuing retreat of most mid to low-latitude glaciers, many having persisted for thousands of years, signals a recent and abrupt change in the Earth's climate system."

    The Most Endangered Glaciers

  • For the first time, four spacecraft flying in constellation the ESA Cluster mission, have provided unambiguous evidence of anti-parallel reconnection at high latitude on the dayside magnetopause, occurring quasi-simultaneously with a period of low-latitude component reconnection detected by the Sino-European Double Star TC-1 satellite.

    Cluster Satellite Detects Rifts in Earth's Magnetic Field | Universe Today

  • There are two generalizations that may be made from studies on latitudinal variation in growth rates: high-latitude fish populations often attain larger maximum body size than conspecifics at lower latitudes; and, although lower temperatures often reduce activity and constrain individuals to grow more slowly, they compensate by accelerating growth rate or larval development time relative to low-latitude conspecifics when raised at identical temperatures.

    Approaches to projecting climate change effects on arctic fish populations

  • Fish living in low-temperature, high-latitude locales would therefore be expected to compensate by increasing metabolic and growth rates at a given temperature relative to fish in high-temperature, low-latitude locales.

    Approaches to projecting climate change effects on arctic fish populations

  • Their analysis indicates that since 1997 there has been a slowdown in mid - and low-latitude stratospheric ozone losses at altitudes of 35 to 45 kilometers (km).

    Future changes in ozone in the Arctic

  • Trees are not as tall here as in low-latitude rainforests; leaves are usually smaller and more leathery, and the leaf canopy less dense.

    Outer Coastal Plain Mixed Forest Province (Bailey)

  • If diseases of the poor, low-latitude regions of the world began to reach developed countries, large amounts of capital would flow into the pharmaceuticals sector as the affluent began to demand protection — so it could prove profitable to be holding pharmaceutical stocks, although exactly which shares to buy would be influenced by laboratory discoveries that are impossible to predict.

    A 401(k) for a Warming World

  • During years in which planetary waves penetrate effectively to the stratosphere, the waves enhance the meridional Brewer-Dobson circulation, which brings more ozone from the low-latitude middle and upper stratosphere to the polar region and then down to the arctic lower stratosphere.

    Factors affecting arctic ozone variability in the Arctic

  • High-latitude, low-altitude species and populations are more sensitive (fewer protective mechanisms) to enhanced levels of UV-B radiation than low-latitude, high-altitude species and populations (more developed defense mechanisms), reflecting natural levels of exposure to UV-B radiation [12].

    Effects of ultraviolet-B on forest vegetation in the Arctic


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