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  • adj. comparative form of lowly: more lowly


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  • Empire; that Imperator, Cæsar, and Augustus, once titles lowlier than that of King, had now become, as they have ever since remained, titles far loftier.

    Seeing Europe with Famous Authors, Volume 6 Germany, Austria-Hungary and Switzerland, part 2

  • Musicians love good wine, of course – along with many lowlier beverages.

    Readers recommend: songs about wine

  • Gallingly for the mag, filling in the questionnaires that make up its Power Book 2011, a guide to the industry's leading lights, seems beneath the top-ranked operators; but some of the lowlier figures' contributions are not without interest, especially when they are asked to name a "song you would sing at an X-Factor audition".

    Media Monkey's Diary

  • Years later when I discovered how much work that would be, I dashed their hopes and dreams and instead pursued the lowlier profession of writer blogger somewhat employed web assistant.

    Yelena Shuster: Interview: Unemployed Law School Grad Goes On Hunger Strike

  • I felt meaner, and lowlier and more despicable than the worms.


  • He could neither read nor cipher numbers, and his birth could not be lowlier.

    Demon From The Dark

  • Adulterers who might once have called their paramours concubines (qie) for lack of a lowlier term can now aspire to precision; an ernai is a kept woman of less-official standing.

    The Foreign Devil's Dictionary

  • Trained as a chemist, he first made his living not in wine but in one of its lowlier by-products, tartaric acid, a scummy substance derived from grape skins that could be refined into cream of tartar, which was the active element in baking powder and a useful substance in various other culinary endeavors; you could even clean pots with it.


  • Can't say I feel "embarrassed" when champagne socialist playwrights - or their lowlier brothers and sisters in the noble struggle - bleat ad nauseam their non-contextualised (is that the vogue word de nos jours?) mantra 'four legs good, two legs bad'.

    John Terry’s sacking as England captain tells us something interesting...

  • In a bit of an Animal Farm moment the animals who are more equal than others aka The Management Committee, brainy enough to walk on their hind legs and rich enough through their exploitation of the great unwashed to wear human clothes, have recommended that the lowlier farmyard favourites recommend Jon Cruddas.

    Archive 2007-01-28


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