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  • Report this comment to the moderators luanda Writes:

    The male privilege checklist

  • November 22nd, 2005 at 3:39 am luanda Writes: the list really seem kind iffy on a few points 22 realy striks me as worng

    The male privilege checklist

  • Forgot to mention I was transferred from hoho to luanda, have had problems ever since the transfer which happened on Sunday.

    DreamHost Status

  • Scott Says: see luanda outage notice … we were moved on 27th September from a nice stable server that had no real issues for 2 years (hillmont) to the piece of junk (so far) that has been called luanda. we got our websites back up a few minutes ago after a 7 hour outage and they just went down again - server load during the west coast business day hovering around the 500 mark

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  • As i posted on the luanda thread, my sites are niche sites so I am not losing thousands of dollars a day as some folk often claim, but I am losing a trickle of google revenue but more importantly, I am losing the goodwill of my 2000+ users on my main site.

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  • Secondly, this problem started occuring for us on luanda 12 days ago and I dont care if you are paying top dollar or bottom dollar for your service, 12 days is bullshit.

    DreamHost Status

  • In fact, when the move happened, I was trying to make adjustments via FTP on Hillmont (which was still active for us via ftp) to get my site back up and all the while was blissfully unaware that we were now on luanda and any changes on hillmont were futile.

    DreamHost Status

  • January 4, 2009 at 4: 18 pm two nights ago i was watching a documentary "Escape from Luanda". luanda is the captial of angola. after a devastating civil war, angola got international companies to come in and drill their oil and other precious minerals. is the wealth being trickled down to the ordinary angolans? hardly! they are as poor as ever. the thing is they can't even complain because as one of the participants in the documentary said "if you complain you end up in a coffin". be very careful of what you wish for.

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