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  • n. Alternative capitalization of Ludo

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  • n. a simple board game in which players move counters according to the throw of dice


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  • As the notion of ludo-narrative dissonance-that a game's "play" elements pull against its narrative ones-becomes the dominant shibboleth of an increasingly large tribe of games critics, the Japanese-style role playing game seems to have been pigeonholed as stagnant and archaic.


  • I wonder if the "ludo" part of "ludotpian" might be not quite the right idea.


  • Nell coined a name for that trancelike state that heavy readers enter when consuming books for pleasure — "ludic reading" (from the Latin ludo, meaning "I play").

    The Future of Reading

  • I'd like to think ludo-narrative resonance is one of those things.

    Conflict, Resolution

  • You're right about the, um, ludo-narrative dissonance (great term, anonymous!), but the underlying problem is that the story just plain sucks on every conceivable level.

    Not Now, Honey, I'm Exploring

  • There WAS a ludo-narrative resonance in the time distortion mechanic - but I'll be buggered if I can explain it, because the brunt of Braid's core story was so abstract and text-heavy that it flew over my tiny head.

    Conflict, Resolution

  • In the concept of ludo-narrative resonance that I discussed, wouldn't the search for that be about bringing the challenge of gameplay into line with the conflict of story until they were one and the same?

    Conflict, Resolution

  • What I took from it is that, until we achieve a better understanding of gameplay, ludo-narrative resonance and the psychology therein, we'd be better off sticking to conceptually basic stories.

    Conflict, Resolution

  • I don't have a clue how to better achieve ludo-narrative resonance, but in my blog I recently mentioned that Fishing Girl did a really good job.

    Conflict, Resolution

  • GTA Vice City is a good example of ludo-narrative resonance.

    Conflict, Resolution


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