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  • n. the study of games and other forms of play


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From the Latin ludus ("game") +‎ -ology.


  • I think my point is that games don't have a complete set of "ludology" theory yet, so you've basically skipped all of those other theories and gone right to reader response when that's just one possible lens we can view something through.

    Things I don't want to do

  • If "ludology" is the study of games, would "ludic" be an adjective that describes the game-ness of things?

    I Gamer

  • Personally, I worry about trying to think of "ludology" or "games studies" as a new discipline, rather than trying to use the methodologies of existing disciplines anthropology, sociology, aethetics, narratology, performance studies to examine games.

    Academic Instincts and Virtual World Studies

  • I don't pretend to speak for "ludology" after all, my training was in narratology but for what it is worth, chapter seven of Cybertext deals with this topic.

    Ye Olde Disciplinary Punch-and-Judy Show

  • I mentioned this as I feel that this is more than "ludology" vs. "narratology", its a more integrative art/science, declaring "nothing is sacred!"

    Ye Olde Disciplinary Punch-and-Judy Show

  • So the "ludology" vs. "narratology" debate has flared up again, along with accompanying feuding over whether "game studies" really is or should be a discipline.

    Ye Olde Disciplinary Punch-and-Judy Show

  • Read through the writing of even the greatest academic thinkers in the field of game studies/ludology/new media studies and you'll see there's still a level of chaos and confusion in their respective approaches.

    Mon Petit Pont Faible, Obscurci Dans Le Brouillard

  • So well, that we forget about simulation, narrative, ludology, representation, etc. while we're immersed in the experience.

    A post for Xenia: Simulation and an apologetic explanation of Super Columbine Massacre RPG

  • As one comment on my ludology post noted, there is a need for a highly games-specific language that isn't simply "what we've been doing with other media, but with games".

    Things I don't want to do

  • Not the same thing as a ludology by anyone's definition.



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  • March 16, 2007