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  • n. ear


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  • What they don ` t understand is since we ` ve been institutionally racist and subsequently cured of all non-PC thoughts and feelings by following the proscribed ACPO 12 step program they ` re more likely to get a hug and a doughnut than an ASP round the lughole.

    ‘Rent A Mob’ Attack Police At BBC TV Centre « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG

  • A guy has a small, dark object up to his lughole, deeply suspicious, what can he be up to?

    Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

  • The headset is not only light at 9g, but also quite small in stature measuring a mere 39 x 18 x 24mm - so it doesn't feel like you've got a large piece of gothic jewellery hanging of your lughole when you're wearing it.

    TrustedReviews Site-wide Feed

  • He got severe tinnitus after being blasted in the lughole by a fellow fan at his country's

    The Daily Record - Home

  • ADVERTISEMENT id Barry Ferguson tell him to go for under the ear, that below the left lughole was the place, tattoo-wise, and that any man inked there was the epitome of cool?


  • But now Norwegian fashion house Heyerdahl has ushered in the age of the lughole, with the £4,470 earbuds that look as good, or possibly significantly better, than they sound.

    Crave at CNET UK

  • Before we become scared of our kids, too - as they patrol our homes, speak to us from CCTV cameras or squeal on us to councils - I suggest dealing with this politicised pester power in the same way my mum dealt with my childish demands: by administering a collective clip around the lughole to the child spies.

    Aftermath News

  • It was a feeble force, this alleged power of the pest, easily quashed by a clip around the lughole or by that most ominous threat issued by mums-in-distress: 'Just you wait until your dad gets home.'

    Aftermath News

  • We wanted to stretch Google's voice recognition service to the full by asking it to search for something quintessentially British, so we booted up the application and held the handset up to our lughole.

    The Inquirer

  • Sorry kKop; me Henglish be poor, as I left Blighty when I could get a cup of char for tuppence at old Joe’s [Lyons that be] and scruffs would give little old ladies their seat on the big red bus, other wise clippie would clipp the lughole.

    Take A Deep Breath….. « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG


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