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  • n. Surgical excision of a tumor from the breast with the removal of a minimal amount of surrounding tissue.

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  • n. The surgical removal of a tumour or cyst from a breast.

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  • n. the removal of a cyst or tumor from the breast by surgery. This is one method of treating breast tumors when in an early stage, and is preferred for cosmetic reasons, when medically feasible, to radical mastectomy, the removal of the entire breast along with nearby muscles.

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  • n. surgical removal of a tumor without removing much of the surrounding tissue or lymph nodes; performed in some cases of breast cancer


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lump +‎ -ectomy


  • Mrs. Edwards will be undergoing further testing of her infiltrative ductal carcinoma of the breast, to determine how far it's spread and whether or not a mastectomy or lumpectomy is indicated.


  • These trials demonstrated that a much less drastic operation called a lumpectomy was appropriate in many cases; when combined with radiation therapy it provided a chance of survival indistinguishable from that provided by Halsted-style mastectomy.

    Good News and Bad News About Breast Cancer

  • Such early-stage cancers usually can be treated by a surgical procedure called a lumpectomy, which removes only the cancerous tissue, rather than the entire breast.

    Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause

  • Wednesday's report said she would begin six weeks of radiation therapy in May following minor invasive surgery called a lumpectomy and the prognosis for survival was extremely good. Top Stories

  • Although the less invasive procedure called a lumpectomy is still far more common, the increase means there are more women who have gone through bilateral surgery and can provide advice or an example to others.


  • According to a new study published in the October issue of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, although breast-conserving surgery (BCS), commonly known as lumpectomy, is increasingly being used to treat older women with nonmetastatic invasive breast cancer, there are still significant socioeconomic and geographic disparities in the use of this type of therapy.

    Health News from Medical News Today

  • "I have patients walking into my duty locution lumpectomy was supposed to spend their boob but what's left doesn't look like a boob to them," said Howard Wang, ASPS Member Surgeon and co-author of the study.


  • She required a lumpectomy which is removing the mass and then having it examined to determine if it contained cancer.

    American Bedu

  • However after no success, I was informed I would need a lumpectomy which is a surgical procedure to go into the breast and remove the tissue from the area of concern and have it analyzed by a pathologist.

    American Bedu

  • In 1990, the National Institutes of Health recommended breast-conserving surgery - "lumpectomy," in which only the tumor and surrounding tissue are removed-along with radiation as the preferred treatment for breast cancer in one breast.


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