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  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of lump.


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  • Perhaps the regulators saw the title and lumped me with writers like Gordon Chang, who has been predicting a collapse of China for more than a decade. News

  • As well, it is our conviction that these behaviors cannot be "lumped" under behavioral strategies used for biological children - each internationally adopted child and family benefits from individualized assessment and support from psychology, education, therapy, and social worker specialists.

    Behavioral and Emotional Issues

  • I'd kind of lumped it in with the other Scandinavian countries, but it's distinct in many ways.

    Painters and Parsnips: Online Resources: Finland

  • She was kind of lumped in with Geraldo and some of the other early talk show host -- host pioneers.

    CNN Transcript Nov 19, 2009

  • But folks are acting like he was entitled to be lumped in with Clinton and Obama instead of Richardson and Biden. again, he BEAT clinton. barely edging out or not. he got 30% of the vote! richardson and biden got 2% and 1%. i think that's pretty conclusive in terms of where he deserves to be 'lumped'. your argument is a complete fraud.

    Study: Media Giving Middle Finger To Edwards

  • We kind of lumped nuclear energy in with nuclear weapons as if all things nuclear were evil.

    An interview with Patrick Moore

  • M. O'BRIEN: It all gets kind of lumped in with vacation.

    CNN Transcript Dec 11, 2006

  • And if Gore loses, I'm afraid he'll be kind of lumped with Mondale and Dukakis as a failed Democrat.

    CNN Transcript - Special Event: The Spin Room: Do Either of the Presidential Candidates Look Like They Can Be Statesman? - November 22, 2000

  • Paul Kennedy replies: I sympathize with Professor Nye's feeling (expressed in his third paragraph) about being "lumped" with an anonymous group of writers whose views are not always the same although they are regarded by the general public as conveying the same message.

    Is the US Declining?

  • If it's any consolation — and it may not be much — I've spent the past two years wriggling in irritation at being "lumped" with a group of other scholars (as I am in Professor Nye's final sentence, when he refers to myself and my "fellow declinists").

    Is the US Declining?


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