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  • n. The property of being lumpish.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The quality of being lumpish; heaviness; dullness; stolidity.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

lumpish +‎ -ness


  • I worry that I'm not measuring up as a good husband to Janet, that I'm disappointing her with my current lumpishness and tendency to forget things.

    mac-related question

  • A few of the delightful links that cheered me during the sodden lumpishness:

    weeme Diary Entry

  • He tried to step, but at first it seemed as if his feet must be frozen; yet, after stamping about for a few minutes, they began to lose their feeling of lumpishness and to prickle.

    Chums of the Camp Fire

  • She had not a trace of the coarsened blowzy look so common in English country girls; there was nothing of rustic lumpishness in her slim figure, and there was more than mere prettiness in her exquisite small features, her thick dark hair, her clear white skin with

    The Hand in the Dark

  • Her hat too was a change from the careless lumpishness of last year, a hat that, to a feminine mind, would have indicated design.

    Love and Mr. Lewisham

  • Our own contribution to these witty passages was the epigrammatic display of a reeking trunk full of the pretty rubbish people bring away from Rome and Naples, -- copies of Pompeian frescos more ruinous than the originals; photographs floating loose from their cards; little earthen busts reduced to the lumpishness of common clay; Roman scarfs stained and blotted out of all memory of their recent hues; Roman pearls clinging together in clammy masses.

    Italian Journeys

  • There was a bell in everything for him; Nature gave out her cry, and significance was on all sides of the universe; no dead stuff, no longer any afflicting lumpishness.

    The Tragic Comedians — Volume 1

  • When his shyness and lumpishness gave way, he proved so bright that Emily undertook to carry on his education.

    Chantry House

  • While the rest of us were creeping around in various stages of lumpishness, here was this dazzling creature - much more stylish than any of us, she could lift a room.

    The Guardian World News

  • Michelle Williams last seen in Blue Valentine is excellent as Marilyn, perfectly catching her mixture of crude sex appeal and lumpishness, vulnerability and manipulation.

    Evening Standard - Home


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