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  • n. A value that can be treated as an address or storage location.


l +‎ value, where l stands for left-hand side (of an assignment). (Wiktionary)


  • The expression "meow" is a string literal, and it is an lvalue.

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  • In either case, we set the receiver (lvalue) to a known articles

  • If an attempt is made to modify an object defined with a const-qualified type through use of an lvalue with non-const-qualified type, the behavior is undefined.

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  • As for what happens in the latter case under various conditions .... some people might expect a soft conversion to an assignable lvalue that just gets lost and doesn't actually affect the caller.

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  • The default 'is readonly' of parameters applies only to the lvalue not the referenced object.

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  • But I'm not sure what S06 means with "can be converted to an lvalue" in the description of the 'is rw' parameter trait.

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  • Most languages that have a pass-by-ref mode or equivalent do in fact demand that the caller supply an lvalue, if you declare the functions intent to modify the caller's variable like that.

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  • Though I suppose an array of shape (*; *) as an lvalue might be a constraint allowing assignment only of another 2D array?

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  • : Though I suppose an array of shape (*; *) as an lvalue might be a

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  • But last year, in discussing it here, the lesson was that this is the point of having both rw and ref: the former demands an lvalue, the latter does not.

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