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  • n. A name of the constellation Boötes (which see).
  • n. A genus of canine quadrupeds of the family Canidæ, having but four toes on the fore feet, instead of five as in the rest of the Canidæ, resembling the hyenas in this respect; the South African hunting-dogs, hyena-dogs, or painted hyenas.


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  • (Canis lycaon nubilus), San Juan coyote (Canis latrans estor), mink

    Tseh So, a Small House Ruin, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico :

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    The Monitor :

  • Previous analyses of the CR provided evidence for a North American evolved eastern wolf (C. lycaon), that is more closely related to red wolves (C. rufus) and coyotes (C. latrans) than grey wolves (C. lupus).


  • In between are the Eastern coyotes and the smaller wolves known as Eastern Canadian wolves (Canis lycaon), a type that some biologists say is a distinct species closely related to red wolves. Most Popular

  • Amaral said that because Eastern wolves hybridize with coyotes to the south and with gray wolves to the west, "you cannot draw hard lines on a map and say these are lycaon and these are lupus and these are latrans. '' Most Popular


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