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  • Relatives often gathered around the deceased lying in his or her coffin or bed for one last family photo, and such postmortem images were often displayed on mantelpieces or pianos alongside other family portraits.

    The Truth About Grief

  • “As one walked along, one could count fifty dead bodies lying in the streets, and this quite irrespective of those who died in their own homes,” wrote Father Joseph Ohrwalder, an Austrian missionary held in Omdurman.

    Three Empires on the Nile

  • At which moment, thethousand-strong American force that had been lying in wait in the mudbrick houses and sewers of Luxorbehind the European ambush force moved in.

    Seven Deadly Wonders

  • There was always the danger of a Flighter lying in wait and jumping out at me through a nearby window before I had time to react, but it was better than running down the street for all to see.

    Raven Rise

  • An hour later he was lying in a cavern medical room in the base of Tribunal Mountain.

    Raven Rise

  • All through her convalescence, Ali had been lying in the sand with that vast, moonlike palace looming before her.


  • In case the Boston Strangler took a serious wrong turn and is lying in wait for me?

    What Would Emma Do?

  • An alcoholic, lying in her own vomit, unconscious—that was the mother Bethany Matthews inherited.


  • Cormac followed Roz through the open entrance, and the first thing his eye fell upon was the half-door, torn from its hinges and lying in the middle of the kitchen.


  • He asserted that habitual lying in parents can become an inherent essentially genetic predisposition toward lying in children, especially notable among the poor classes, and that the Chinese language is a primitive form of communication because it consists of ideographs.

    The Song of The Dodo


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  • A 19th century Victorian era term as "during her lying in she has been having help with the household duties."

    February 15, 2008