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  • adj. reticuloendothelial


lympho- +‎ reticular (Wiktionary)


  • The Journal of Pathology recently published a paper entitled Prevalence of lymphoreticular prion pro ...


  • Sutak J, Smith ME, Penney M, Conyers L, et al. (2004) Specificity of lymphoreticular accumulation of prion protein for variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

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  • Lars Austbø defended his Ph. D. thesis, entitled "Studies on gene expression during the lymphoreticular phase of scrapie in sheep", on June 26, 2008.

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  • (PrP mRNA) and the presence of the protein PrPC in the Payer's patches of the small intestine and in the spleen - two organs where lymphoreticular tissue is assumed to be important for the absorption of the infective substance (PrPSc) and its spread to the brain.

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  • Current tests for the diagnosis of these diseases are based on the detection of an abnormal misfolded form of the host protein PrP which is found within the central nervous and lymphoreticular systems of affected animals.

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  • In the initial sPMCA and bioassay experiments, to maximize use of available tg5037 mice, we analyzed homogenates of combined neural (obex) and lymphoreticular

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  • CWD in biopsied lymphoreticular system (LRS) tissues

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  • [1] protein expressed predominantly on neurons, neuroendocrine cells and within the lymphoreticular system

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