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  • n. A dish prepared from meat baked, simmered and then dried, originating from north Mexico.
  • n. A type of planthopper from Central and South America, taxonomic name Fulgora laternaria.


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From Spanish machacar (to crush)


  • Just saying that machaca is the dried meat of choice here because of the northern Sonora influence I guess.

    Oh, Cecina!

  • I have never found this kind of machaca in the US.

    Sticking to the plan South of the Border | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • I brought half of the machaca home with me, and tonight made "roast beef" hash that was sooo excellent!

    Oh, Cecina!

  • I've understood that all machaca was dried, by definition.

    Oh, Cecina!

  • We've had machaca everyway from melt in your mouth supurb to break your teeth gristle and I'm thinking diy might be the way to go.

    Oh, Cecina!

  • Place the hand shredded machaca flatiron on top of the tomalito.

    Gourmet Hospital Recipes

  • Place a small spoon of FF sour cream on to of the machaca garnish with slivered green onions.

    Gourmet Hospital Recipes

  • Having suddenly lost her appetite, she pushed her machaca aside and leaned back in her chair.

    Undercover Vows

  • Sr. Juan, V. machaca desde muchos días sobre que le debo dar alguna orden á Don José, pues para darles gusto á ambos salúdemele V. mucho

    Pitman's Commercial Spanish Grammar (2nd ed.)

  • We'd rather have a cocktail than a sting ray any day, especially as a nightcap after eating machaca de mantarraya, a Mexican meal of dried ray.



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