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  • n. A genus of fossil perissodactyls founded by Owen in 1838 upon remains of camellike quadrupeds found in the Tertiary of South America. Two species are named M. patachoīnica and M. boliviensis. Opisthorhinus is synonymous.


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  • A notable example of the former circumstance is offered by macrauchenia -- a hoofed animal, which was at first supposed to be a kind of great llama

    On the Genesis of Species

  • Now, the macrauchenia, from the first relics of it which were found, {110} was thought to belong, as has been said, to the even-toed division.

    On the Genesis of Species

  • Among the species whose bones were found were the macrauchenia, tiger, horse, and mylodon.

    VIII. Primeval Man; and the Horse, the Lion, and the Elephant

  • Among the ungulates of native origin was the long-necked, high-standing macrauchenia, shaped something like a huge, humpless camel or giraffe, and with a short proboscis.

    VIII. Primeval Man; and the Horse, the Lion, and the Elephant

  • It was he who made the extraordinary discovery in a Patagonian cave of the still fresh fragments of skin and other remains of the mylodon, the aberrant horse known as the onohipidium, the huge South American tiger, and the macrauchenia, all of them extinct animals.

    I. The Start

  • Mivart then asks (and this is his second objection), if natural selection be so potent, and if high browsing be so great an advantage, why has not any other hoofed quadruped acquired a long neck and lofty stature, besides the giraffe, and, in a lesser degree, the camel, guanaco, and macrauchenia?

    VII. Miscellaneous Objections to the Theory of Natural Selection

  • To these were now added the _Mylodon Darwinii_, a giant sloth; the scelidotherium, a somewhat smaller form; the great camel-like, yet odd-toed, macrauchenia; and the toxodon, as large as a hippopotamus, yet having a strange resemblance to the little rodents.

    Life of Charles Darwin


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