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  • Many investors taking a macro-level view naturally gravitate towards the biggest, most liquid local stocks providing exposure to it.

    BHP, Freeport Share a Curious Connection

  • But at the macro-level, societies tend to devalue working-class labor, and value upper-class labor, which is generally defined as limited manual labor and maximum intellectual skill.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Brie Factor

  • Related Water Dilemma Finding a way to meld the macro-level diplomacy of the Conference of the Parties summit with the practical, micro-level solutions needed to protect agricultural communities and their crops from the effects of climate change is, many experts say, crucial to translating consensus and goodwill into meaningful action.

    Banking on Seed Technology

  • All our efforts at the macro-level are clearly going to fail as the crops die in the field.

    Banking on Seed Technology

  • This is true at both a micro-level in terms of UK newspaper titles and groups and at a macro-level comparing national internet adoption with circulation performance.

    We thought the internet was killing print. But it isn't

  • We need a fundamental policy shift at the macro-level that focuses on job security, not just income security; a shift that stresses first and foremost direct job creation, and then tax incentives and retraining programs as needed.

    Pavlina R. Tcherneva: Women Want Jobs, Not Handouts

  • But exactly because Ms. Pooler and millions of other buyers are still waiting for that price equality, I would argue that what is and has been driving the greening of business is not consumer pressure but a mix macro-level forces and operational sustainability success stories, the countless examples of reduced packaging, lowered toxicity, and condensed versions of productsin detergents for example that save shelf space and tons of energy in shipping and storage.

    Andrew Winston: Consumers Never Liked to Pay More for Green to Begin With

  • Overall, we need to have a clearer understanding about hunger -- what are its implications, how to best improve food security via macro-level policies, how to improve poor diets via better programs, how to improve nutrition outreach to the most vulnerable, how to improve dietary guidelines and how to avert economic burdens of disease and cognitive impairment -- for society today and for our posterity.

    Eric Ding, Ph.D.: What Hunger Really Means In The U.S.

  • On the macro-level, everyone liked the name "Moe's" more, and the fact that it's not a national chain.

    Jason Salzman: Catholic vs. Jew Bagel Taste Off

  • On top of whatever macro-level harm this insidious white powder may have done to the world, we should never lose sight of the human cost: It makes people really annoying to talk to.

    Smuggler's Tales


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