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  • adj. having a closed ring of more than about twelve atoms
  • adj. of, or relating to a macrocycle


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  • Next on the world stage was moxidectin, which, like ivermectin, is a member of the drench family called the macrocyclic lactones. Headlines

  • They are a family of macrocyclic lactones which consist primarily of four major components (A1 a, A2a, B1 a, B2a) and four homologous minor components (A1 b, A2b, B1 b, B2b).

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  • During his investigations of these odora he synthesized many kindred macrocyclic compounds, and drew attention to the plant-physiologically remarkable fact that these could be prepared from natural fatty acids.

    Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1939 - Presentation Speech

  • The Phase 3 trial of fidaxomicin, the first in a new class of narrow-spectrum macrocyclic antibiotics, compared it to the current treatment vancomycin at 52 sites in the United States and 15 sites in Canada.

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  • Dow sells several of the fermentation-derived macrocyclic lactone insecticides under the

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  • To ensure that there is no interference from the most recent deworming, FECRT should not be performed within eight weeks following the last benzimidazole or pyrimidine treatment, or within 12 (ivermectin) or 16 (moxidectin) weeks after a macrocyclic lactone treatment.

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  • However, resistance to two of the three dewormer drug classes -- benzimidazoles (i.e., fenbendazole and oxibendazole) and pyrimidines (i.e., pyrantel) has been documented, and there have been some early indications of resistance to macrocyclic lactones (ivermectin/moxidectin) on a few farms.

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  • Janssen Pharmaceutica NV related to Janssen's macrocyclic chemistry technology.


  • R7227 is a potent, macrocyclic inhibitor of HCV NS3 / 4A protease activity, and has produced multi-log (10) reductions in levels of HCV levels in chronic HCV patients, when administered for 14 days as monotherapy and when combined with PEGASYS and COPEGUS.

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  • "There has not been a new drug family since," he adds, pointing out that moxidectin, which appeared in the 1990s, is actually another member of the same family of macrocyclic lactones. Headlines


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