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  • noun A state in which a visual defect makes objects appear to be of too great size. Also called macropia and megalopsia.

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  • noun pathology A disorder in which objects appear much larger than normal, most often the result of a neurological dysfunction.


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  • He also had epilepsy, migraines and a brain disorder called micropsia and macropsia, in which the brain perceives objects to be smaller or larger than they actually are.

    The Dark Side of Wonderland: The Scandals of Lewis Carroll | myFiveBest

  • Dysmegalopsia: perceiving objects as becoming larger (macropsia) or smaller (micropsia); dysmorphopsia: perceiving objects as distorted in shape

    The Neuropsychiatric Guide to Modern Everyday Psychiatry

  • Stimulations in the inferior and middle temporal and temporooccipital structures were associated with hallucinations in the visual domain such as seeing a face, geometric shapes, and color or blurring of vision, macropsia, visual movement, things looking sideways, and lines seeming out of kilter.

    Mind Hacks

  • Psychic seizures: Isolated auras with hallucinations, depersonalisations, micropsia or macropsia, déjà vu or jamais vu (especially if right sided origin) can occur.

    British Blogs


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