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  • n. A relatively large scale


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  • Funny how friction 'dissipates' entropy from macroscale to microscale, always.

    New Images Suggest More Recent Lakes on Mars | Universe Today

  • In truly chaotic systems, like those showing fluid turbulence, the small effects can magnify as time progresses, and produce major, macroscale phenomena.

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • In Lewis Carrol's "Through the Looking Glass" same title as the May 23rd finale the characters are literally playing the roles of walking chess pieces on a macroscale countryside chess board.

    LOSTCasts 53: Catch-22

  • A: Because these systems operate on the alien logic of probabilistic statistics, which sacrifices perfection at the microscale for optimization at the macroscale.

    Archive 2005-12-01

  • And a little slop at the microscale is the price of such efficiency at the macroscale.

    Archive 2005-12-01

  • In this study, high-resolution paleo-climatic data have been used to explore at a macroscale the effects of climate change on the outbreak of war and population decline in the preindustrial era.

    Archive 2007-12-01

  • Agency and structure are a loop, in his view; we can only understand why things happen in human societies by combining an attention to the microscale of individual practice and action and the macroscale of social structure across broad expanses of time and space.

    May 2007

  • That is to say, if your sub-grid parameterization fails to capture phenomena that affect particle transport on average, your macroscale model will also be wrong on average.

    Exponential Growth in Physical Systems #2 « Climate Audit

  • It seemed to defy not just common sense, but everything known thus far about how Nature worked at the macroscale.

    Sex and physics!

  • There seems to be some excitement about ambiguous/borderline cases, but this occurs with almost any macroscale catagory.

    Need Evidence that Gender is Socially Constructed?


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