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  • n. A programming system in which small constructs (macros) represent groups of machine instructions


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  • With the entire North American continent on fire the thermal updraft causes an incendiary cyclonic macrosystem that forms a hemispheric megastorm …

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  • This impossibility of a macrosystem not in a state of chaos to be perpetually durable may one day be explicitly recognized by a new thermodynamic law just as the impossibility of perpetual motion once was.

    Energy and economic myths (historical)

  • This state consists of an open macrosystem which maintains its entropic structure constant through material exchanges with its "environment".

    Energy and economic myths (historical)

  • These three results exist in market systems, warfare, the environment, politics, and any other complex macrosystem. » 2004 » 11月

  • And while I roll my eyes at the whole macrosystem notion of Gaia, much as the greedy industrialists do on Pandora, at least within the logic of "Avatar" the planetwide intelligence is scientifically proven.

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  • | t of a macrosystem (let us say a massive macroscopic bulk of matter), the first corresponding to its being located here, the second to its having the same location but one of its atoms (or molecules) being in a state orthogonal to the corresponding state in

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