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  • n. An Aztec obsidian sword or club.


From Classical Nahuatl mācuahuitl. (Wiktionary)


  • Obsidian was prized by paleo-indian hunters and it formed the cutting edge of the macuahuitl --- a kind of club-sword -- of the Aztecs.

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  • It is not at all clear that the Classic Maya used a macuahuitl (this is noted, however, in Colonial Yucatan after a century of Central Mexican influence), and clubs of any kind are rarely represented in Maya art.

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  • The club is, oddly, a macuahuitl, also known by the Caribbean term macana.

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  • Pepper slammed a macuahuitl down into the man's ribs.

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  • He slapped the macuahuitl he'd gained into the ground thoughtfully.

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  • He killed three Azteca with their own macuahuitl on his way out, dashing their brains out against the whitewashed wall with the effective wedge-shaped clubs.

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  • In the same breath Pepper fired into the group with his own gun, wading forward through the bewildered Azteca and swinging the macuahuitl in long bone-jarring arcs.

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  • Pepper swung the macuahuitl in his left hand up with enough force to smash the nearest warrior's jaw into his skull.

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