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  • n. Plural form of maggot.


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  • I could only imagine scraping the maggots from the inside of the furs in warmer weather.

    A DAY AT THE FUR AUCTION • by Stephen Taylor

  • Minerva must be fed up, and she wants to sit among the decomposing pigeons and the fantastic mounds of chicken bones, or to poke around and find in all that abundance and complexity that by the worms and maggots is being reduced to simple soil some better, new austerity.

    The Unexamined Saturday « Unknowing

  • Catching pellet-fed hatchery maggots is harder than shooting a buck hiding somewhere in a 1,000-acre fenced-in compound?

    High Fence Fishing?

  • Ahhh a puppy covered in maggots using a hula hoop at the zoo!


  • Why does he assume that anyone but his "choir" that comes out the woodwork like maggots from a log to support him now cares?

    A Promise

  • Like most people with a pantry, there are often things in ours like flour or cereals that aren't sealed up all too well, providing a little food haven for the offspring - notice I didn't use the word maggots, that would never do in a foodie kitchen - of the pantry moth.

    At My Table

  • Do people really need to barf after reading the word maggots?

    GeekNights TotD Feed

  • Fenton if you work in the trash biz they call maggots 'disco rice'. now that's making glamour out of squalor.

    World of Wonder Productions

  • The primary installation that greeted shoppers were the cushioned - "maggots" - inspired by


  • “Weak, flimsy, maggots is what you are!” he shouted in the man’s face.

    Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » Black Cat’s Review Forum


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