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  • noun fantasy One who does magic; a sorcerer or magician.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

magic +‎ -er


  • The cinema had a magicker who walked the aisle swinging his thurible to keep it cool..

    Twitters for 11-1-08

  • “Certainly, Your Grace,” said the long-faced magicker, heaving a put-upon sigh.

    Conqueror's Moon

  • That impudent magicker was the one you name Saint Zeth, and I hold him no ill will, for through his boldness I was able to advise and console many a Cathran ruler face-to-face … until the times changed.

    Conqueror's Moon

  • Even worse, thanks to the meddling Tarnian magicker, that bloody boy now owned a living sigil!

    Conqueror's Moon

  • That-one I mentioned-well, some say he's a god, some a demon summoned by a mighty powerful magicker.

    The Oathbound

  • His dark blue uniform, with its double row of shiny brass buttons and neat brimmed cap, marked him as Loveman’s heating and cooling magicker.

    Readers Wanted: A Piece of Valiant Dust

  • The boy-king had also abandoned any notion that the exiled Cathran magicker might be compelled to share Darasilo’s trove of sigils with him.

    Conqueror's Moon

  • If you are able, also do a search from time to time to determine whether Beynor or any other magicker save Ullanoth is overseeing us.”

    Conqueror's Moon

  • A bit of an odd fish, but that’s to be expected if he’s a magicker.

    Conqueror's Moon

  • “My brother Stergos has told me that when a man is ill, he is more susceptible to the spells of a magicker.

    Conqueror's Moon


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