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  • n. The region of space between the magnetopause and the bow shock of a planet's magnetosphere


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  • On the magnetosheath side of the region there is a density gradient with strong field aligned currents.

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  • In March 2007, Nature Physics publication reported for the first time that not only did turbulence exist in the magnetosheath in the form of many small magnetic islands - with a typical size of 60 miles (100 kilometers), but also that magnetic reconnection occurred within these islands.


  • The region between the bow shock and the magnetopause is called the magnetosheath.


  • The intermittency appears in the transfer (or the cascade) of the energy from large scales to small scales as an uneven distribution of the energy between the scales, and this was used to examine the evolution of the turbulence in the magnetosheath.


  • Other environments such as the solar atmosphere, or accretion disks around young stars, are likely to exhibit similar behavior, but the terrestrial magnetosheath is by far the most accessible place to perform measurements.


  • This configuration enabled the study of magnetosheath turbulence at large scales.


  • T50 also took place in Saturn's near-noon sector where Titan could be found in the magnetosheath if the solar wind pressure was high.

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