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  • n. A membranous prokaryotic organelle, containing mineral crystals, present in magnetotactic bacteria


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  • This genetic element, termed the magnetosome island

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  • Biological magnetites tend to have a normal distribution with a truncation, as they grow in biological organisms that tend to have a normal size distribution when they die and moreover are inhibited in growth when they hit the magnetosome membrane.

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  • I know that the AH-84001 group recently reexamined the magnetite crystals that may be putative fossil crystals from martian magnetosome analogs.

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  • Given the lack of such a complex, and the lack of associative learning, magnetosome bacteria cannot, on Dretske's view, rightly be regarded as literally possessing full-fledged beliefs.


  • A large genomic island, conserved among magnetotactic bacteria, contains the genes potentially involved in magnetosome formation.

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  • MamK and MamJ are involved in magnetosome alignment, MamE is a predicted serine protease

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  • Lin W, Meyerdierks A, Kube M, Katzmann E, et al. (2009) Toward cloning of the magnetotactic metagenome: identification of magnetosome island gene clusters in uncultivated magnetotactic bacteria from different aquatic sediments.

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  • Boxed gene names are the mam genes belonging to the AMB-1 magnetosome island.

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  • The newly annotated genes are clustered in a genomic islet distinct and distant from the known magnetosome genomic island and most probably acquired by lateral gene transfer rather than duplication.

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  • One of the genes, mamK has been described as encoding a prokaryotic actin-like protein which when it polymerizes forms in the cytoplasm filamentous structures that provide the scaffold for magnetosome alignment.

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