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  • n. Plural form of magnetosome.


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  • Intracellular alignments of specialized organelles called magnetosomes are responsible for this behaviour.

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  • To perform this task, these bacteria have organelles called magnetosomes that contain magnetic crystals. Articles

  • Magnetotactic bakterya ay may kadena ng magnetic kristal na tinatawag na magnetosomes na kumilos bilang isang kumpas upang matulungan silang nagna-navigate sa pamamagitan ng deposito upang mahanap ang pinakamahusay na pagkain. »2,008» Disyembre

  • Possible functions of MamK filaments in magnetotaxis could be in anchoring magnetosomes or in magnetism perception.

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  • M. gryphiswaldense MSR-1 ΔmamJ mutant, magnetosomes are clustered and completely disorganized within the cell

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  • They synthesize ferromagnetic nanocrystals that are embedded in cytoplasmic membrane invaginations forming magnetosomes.

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  • In our hands the fraction of misaligned magnetosomes chains in Δ mamK is well within the variability usually observed in the wild-type strain.

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  • Scheffel A, Gruska M, Faivre D, Linaroudis A, Jürgen M, et al. (2006) An acidic protein aligns magnetosomes along a filamentous structure in magnetotactic bacteria.

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  • Thus in M. magneticum AMB-1 Δ mamK strain, magnetosomes are still synthesized but are in a dispersed, chain-like configuration, whereas in the

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  • The existence of a thin MamK-like filament in AMB-1 could maintain a chain-like organization of magnetosomes, thus accounting for the variable phenotype of the Δ mamK mutant.

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