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  • n. An apprentice geisha.


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From Japanese 舞妓 (Romaji: maiko; also written 舞子), literally meaning "dancing child"


  • After the mizuage ceremony, the next major rite of passage in the life of a maiko is her erikae ceremony, or “turning of the collar.”

    Geisha, A Life

  • One type of geiko, famed throughout the world as the symbol of Kyoto, is the young dancer known as a maiko, or “woman of dance.”

    Geisha, A Life

  • Entrepreneurial trainee geisha, called maiko, were honing their craft at the outdoor venues, where for 530 yen (six dollars) patrons get a beer and a chance to chat with the kimono-clad young women before watching them perform traditional dances, The Daily | Top Stories

  • (530 yen) cost of a beer, visitors can raise toasts and make conversation with trainee geisha, called maiko, before they perform nightly traditional Kyotan dances known as "kyomai" on a special beer garden stage.

    News On Japan

  • A '' maiko '' apprentice geisha brought a cup of tea and placed it in front of a guest.

    Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

  • When I first got here, on my first trip to Kyoto, I saw a couple maiko apprentice geisha, and blogged about wondering if a geisha could be feminist.

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • The dance is put on by a dance school that trains (some of) the geiko (the Kyoto dialect word for geisha) and maiko of the Gion district of Kyoto.

    Dance of the Capital

  • A former maiko-turned-geisha about 10 years ago, now living in Tokyo:

    A Geisha and a Feminist Walk into a Bar

  • One eighty-five-year-old client told the proprietor of a studio, that she had adored the maiko the geisha in training since girlhood and wanted to try dressing up as one before she died.

    Kickboxing Geishas

  • I ended my career as a maiko with as much ambivalence as I had begun it, but for different reasons.

    Geisha, A Life


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