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  • n. Matter, as letters and packages of various kinds, carried in the mail; such material as may be transmitted through the post-office.


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  • This letter was signed “T. Bayleigh, Chief of Police,” and on the outside of the envelope there was a statement that it would be useless for that person to send any more mail-matter, as the post-office had been blown up.

    Mark Twain: A Biography

  • She heard it fall with a soft rustling impact upon the accumulated mail-matter in the bottom of the box.

    A Lost Story

  • A writer who may be pressed for time finds in his mail-matter a number of personal requests from strangers.

    The Life Radiant

  • But the undivided efforts of them all, with an auxiliary corps, would be demanded for the handling of eight hundred and fifty millions of letters and cards, and a greater bulk of other mail-matter, under the old plan of rates varying according to distance and number of sheets, and not weight -- stamps unknown.

    Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science Volume 17, No. 098, February, 1876

  • WALTER R. -- What is known as the registry system is intended to secure to valuable mail-matter in its transition through the mails the utmost security within the province of the Post Office Department.

    Golden Days for Boys and Girls Volume VIII, No 25: May 21, 1887

  • But even the demands of station books and accumulated mail-matter can be satisfied in time, and Dan reporting that he was "getting going with the bullocks," Cheon found his approval had been premature; for, to his dismay, the Maluka abandoned the fence, and began preparations for a trip

    We of the Never-Never

  • In "half a mo '" the seals were broken, and the mail-matter shaken out on the ground.

    We of the Never-Never

  • On and on he went with his news, and for two hours afterwards, as we sat chewing the cud of our mail-matter, we could hear him laughing and shouting and "chiacking."

    We of the Never-Never

  • "Half-past eleven four weeks," the Fizzer had said; and as we returned to our mail-matter, knowing what it meant to our Fizzer, we looked anxiously to the northwest, and "hoped the showers" would come before the "return trip of the Downs."

    We of the Never-Never

  • Every few days a mob was brought in, and branded, and disbanded, hours were spent on the stockyard fence; pack-teams were packed, unpacked, and repacked; and every day grew hotter and hotter, and every night more and more electric, and as the days went by we waited for the Fizzer, hungry for mail-matter, with a six weeks 'hunger.

    We of the Never-Never


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