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  • n. Plural form of majority.


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  • A similar ploy (expiration after 2012 unless re-ratified) helped the new Best Graphic Story category gain majorities in its favor last year and this.

    Science Fiction

  • Look at what your “wants” produced for 8 years prior to Obama, you jackholes … … … Win majorities in both Houses and the Presidency, then let everyone know; until that time, keep your stupid pieholes shut … …

    Think Progress » Will: What conservatives truly want are activist judges.

  • Activism by the radical left has caused this polarity, and activism by heretofore too silent majorities is going to have to be the rule.

    Matthew Yglesias » Former Bush Officials Refusing to Endorse Policies They Support Out of Pique

  • The difference between 59 and 52 vote majorities is largely immaterial, especially when the Senate is shedding people who often voted with the opposition.

    Matthew Yglesias » Evan Bayh to Retire

  • The key is to constrain majorities thru counterbalancing sources of power.

    Terry Newell: The Darkeing of the American Mind?

  • Republicans, even in this volatile, new-normal-double-digit-jobless rate environment want long term majorities, solidified by a larger majority in the House and eventual control of the other two levers.

    Charles D. Ellison: Dried Up, Michael Steele's Last Stand

  • I think the Democrats are going to help their Republican brethren out, unless President-Elect Obama can beat it out of them, Dems (especially in majorities) are HOPELESS at getting things done.

    The Shape of Things to Come?

  • Knowing as we do how lucrative being an MP can be, even if it means having to jettison any personal honour one may have, it is unsurprising that ‘LibDem’ MPs with wafer thin majorities should be having a fit of the vapours at the thought of being confronted by something truly democratic (Let the People Have Their Say!) as opposed to their ersatz version of democracy (‘Do as you are told!’).

    Lib 'Dems' Squirm On The Hook

  • Our democratic system respects the ultimate right and power of the majority, but it contains checks and balances precisely to prevent short-term majorities from saddling the country with long-term decisions.

    The Legislative Filibuster: Democracy’s Sobriety Checkpoint | RedState

  • Bush, with razor-thin majorities — and for a time, a divided Congress — operated as though his margins were insurmountable, and sowed interparty divisions as an electoral strategy.

    The Rove Presidency


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