from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A feigning to believe; make believe.


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  • If not entirely immune to the latest Prada handbag then, Sachs is far more consumed by his next project of a make-belief odyssey, 'Space Program 2.0: Mars,' about to transform the cavernous interior of the Park Avenue Armory in New York next year.

    Kisa Lala: Keeping Time With Tom Sachs: An Interview With the Artist

  • The fascination with doll's houses is that we glorify our need for tidying and collecting objects with imperial strokes and a make-belief sense of omniscience.

    Kisa Lala: Architect of Illusions: Charles Matton's Enclosures

  • At times we may be fooled by Photoshopped images of trashcan lids masquerading as spaceships, but skilled craftsmen building make-belief film sets to imitate large landscapes understand that the way light falls, or how a fabric folds, and the manner of gravity on a mote of dust can give the game away.

    Kisa Lala: Architect of Illusions: Charles Matton's Enclosures

  • What happens to each of the characters is a consequence of the world he or she believes in, that virtual realm of make-belief bereft of narrative drama.

    Fame by Daniel Kehlman, translated by Carol Brown Janeway

  • Henrik and Karolina Finkel, having seen their parents and siblings wiped out not long after the German invasion, disguised themselves as Catholics and lived a make-belief life outside the Warsaw Ghetto.

    Gordon Brown, Charlie Whelan and Me

  • However, when a person possessed of the levels of visual talent, of imagination, of intelligence and of humor that Truthseeker so obviously is, becomes entangled in this magical mesh of make-belief the outcome becomes what I have tried to feebly describe above.

    "at home" with Truthseeker Young

  • HAMMER: In his decision, the judge says, quote, "I have to say that the wife ` s evidence that in some she was the husband ` s ` psychologist, ` even allowing for ` hyperbole, ` is typical of her make-belief."

    CNN Transcript Mar 18, 2008

  • His political detractors, who wish to sound tough on national security, criticize as misguided and flawed the deviation the focus of the War on Terror from Afghanistan (where al-Qaeda exists) to Iraq (where its presence is either make-belief a consequence of the US attack).

    Giving More Time to Terrorists Will Be Dangerous

  • Yet in reality we had borne the vicarious for our own sakes, or at least because it was pointed for our benefit: and could escape from this knowledge only by a make-belief in sense as well as in motive.

    Seven Pillars of Wisdom

  • Still they act the mystery plays with instinctive fullness of interpretation, they sing strangely in the mountain fields, they love make-belief and mummery, their processions and religious festivals are profoundly impressive, solemn, and rapt.

    Twilight in Italy


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