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  • n. The highest division of sumo wrestling, above juryo, comprising the yokozuna, ozeki, sekiwake, komusubi and maegashira ranks.


Japanese inside the curtain. (Wiktionary)


  • The highest-ranked wrestlers, or the makuuchi, wrestle during the last two hours of the day, which is when the level of excitement reaches a fever pitch.

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  • The fiery yokozuna beat Hakuho on Sunday to win the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament, denying his fellow Mongolian a fourth-straight Emperor's Cup and tying Takanohana on the all-time list with 22 makuuchi division titles.

    Asashoryu Wins Sumo Tournament

  • This was the first time that foreign-born wrestlers had ever won both the makuuchi and juryo divisions in the same basho.

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  • While Asashoryu took the trophy in the makuuchi division (upper division), South Korean-born Kasugao defeated Mongolian-born Asasekiryu for the title in the juryo division (second division).

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  • In other bouts in the upper echelons of the elite makuuchi division, Kotooshu (2-1) showed brute strength as the - Business News

  • Juryo is the second-highest division next to the elite makuuchi class, which contains the top names in sumo.

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  • A total of 10 wrestlers in the top makuuchi and juryo divisions were suspended for the Nagoya meet and former ozeki Kotomitsuki was banned for life from the sport for gambling on baseball, allegedly a source of revenue for gangsters.

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  • He was promoted to the top makuuchi division in May 2000 but missed the entire tournament through injury.


  • Despite the defeat, Goeido's 10-5 showing here earned him his first Technique Prize, one of three special awards give to makuuchi-division wrestlers on the final day of a tournament.

    Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion

  • In other bouts in the upper echelons of the elite makuuchi division, komusubi Kotoshogiku picked up a fifth win at the expense of sekiwake Kisenosato, who was crushed out to a fourth defeat.

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