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  • adj. Poorly suited to a particular function or situation.

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  • adj. Of any evolving or learning entity, not well adapted for its environment.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

mal- +‎ adapted


  • Thus, risks deriving from global climate change, global population growth, pollution, and so on, can be rendered more visible to the perceptually "maladapted" individual.

    Ethical Technology

  • Once I told my young sons (6 and 8) that albino animals and maladapted animals can actually hurt the breeding lines, they were "all in" for SHOOT.

    Would You Shoot an Albino Game Animal?

  • It has been woefully maladapted for quite some time.

    Matthew Yglesias » 2017

  • But news organizations were also maladapted for change because of the way they were organized.

    Stop The Presses!

  • Among academics, a debate continues about whether psychiatric disorders are caused by poverty (causation) or whether individuals with those disorders are socially and psychologically maladapted and therefore poor as a consequence (selection).

    Dan Agin: More Than Genes V: Fetal Origins of Transgenerational Poverty

  • My argument for this is amply reinforced by all the myriad ways in which our stone-age brains are maladapted for modern mass social environments.

    More Aesthetics

  • In the right words, these contentions can join with the copious facts available in the public record to bring about doubt even among the most committed White supremacist, fundamentalist, and otherwise maladapted working class voter.

    Georgia Needs a Nice Nerd December 2--A Post-Veteran's Day Meditation

  • It is felt that the alcoholic, addict, or otherwise maladapted individual cannot be helped until he takes responsibility for his own behavior.

    Cambodia: Thoughts on Foreign Aid

  • It is clear that maladapted and mainly supply-oriented technological approaches will, at least in the medium-term, fail to realize the desired development benefits.

    Global Environment Outlook (GEO-4)~ Chapter 7

  • In a game like EC having a weakling Warrior or maladapted Pioneer just fits the spirit of things!

    On the Oracular Power of Dice


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