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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • adj. Characterized by an inappropriate or unfair proportional distribution of representatives to a legislative body.

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  • adj. Of an electoral district, characterized by a disproportionate distribution of representatives to a legislative body.


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  • Since rural voters in industrialized countries rely more heavily on fossil fuels than urban voters, our prediction is that malapportioned political systems will have lower gasoline taxes, and less commitment to climate change amelioration, than systems with equitable representation of constituents.

    Matthew Yglesias » Malapportionment Is Destroying the Planet

  • Even a Congress w/supermajority requirements & a malapportioned upper chamber could better handle the present heavy agenda if it had better staff capability.

    Matthew Yglesias » Quote of the Day

  • In 1970, it was 17 percent, roughly where it is today.20 In cross-national perspective, the U.S. Senate is one of the most malapportioned upper chambers in the world, ranking just behind Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, and the Dominican Republic.21 Needless to say, it is surely the most powerful upper chamber in the world that is so skewed.

    Winner-Take-All Politics

  • The “Regulators” at first petitioned for help from the legislature, which was badly malapportioned in favor of the Tidewater, and tried other peaceful means of redressing their grievances, including actions in court, without success.


  • This role, btw, need not be done by a body so malapportioned.


  • State legislatures also generally are bicameral and both houses less malapportioned.


  • But as you channel those preferences through gerrymandered districts, malapportioned Senates, lopsided funding disparities, sophisticated voter databases i.e., candidates-picking-voters, and a media unwilling to punish those who lie, you get Speaker Hastert and Majority Leader McConnell.

    Lean Left » Blog Archive » The Importance of a Meaningless Midterm

  • To argue that the Senate is malapportioned is to believe that Democrats deserve seats because they are good people and because, darn it, they like themselves.


  • If there is a differential undercount of minorities relative to whites, then blacks, Latinos, and other minorities are in more danger than whites of being placed in districts that are unconstitutionally malapportioned.

    Changing Census, Changing America

  • Irving's city council districts to be so badly malapportioned between voting age citizens and non-citizens.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper


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