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  • Freedom and capitalism work – socialism and communism don't – something that is apparent to people with common sense – the first qualification needed for a presidential candidate and something maleducated, malindoctrinated, malevolent leftist elites and their chattering minions fail to grasp. me

    Palin defends Obama birth certificate inquiries

  • Pro-Darwinian propagandists like Richard Dawkins are so astoundingly incompetent and their arguments are so obviously full of logical holes that it won't be terribly long before it becomes obvious to most people that few genuinely intelligent individuals subscribe to a theory primarily held by maleducated dimwits who are either too indoctrinated or too dense to be capable of critically examining it.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • Lacking basic information on sex, and taught that condoms are highly unreliable, the maleducated abstinence-only students all too often find themselves performing various sexual acts – research indicates they are especially prone towards oral activities – when the hormones start flowing, but they lack the practical knowledge or equipment to keep their level of risk to a reasonable minimum.

    Why is Secular European Society Doing so Much Better Than God-Fearing America?

  • Its not the nation building that is the biggest issue, marknesop, its having a million maleducated, theocratic, unskilled malcontents with gun caches living in one confined place.


  • Interesting, a neocon zionist american enterprise editorialist for WSJ harvard right wing lawyer who is attacking a fat closet homosexual drug addict leader of the white racist joe the plumber maleducated party of chickenhawk cowards, the repugnicon party.

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  • That Sara Palin is a trailer trash idiot is beyond doubt, with her family of trailer trash maleducated yet supreamly confident idiots there in the wasteland of america the stupid, the suprise is not that she's an idiot, the suprise is there are still so many psychopathically insane supporters willing to sign up for her cause.

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