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  • noun organic chemistry The internal imide of maleic acid, or any of its derivatives; they have a number of industrial applications


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  • For example, the thiol group of Cys-b-amyloid (1-40) can react with HiLyte Fluor ™ 488, C2 maleimide to form HiLyte Fluor ™ Press Releases

  • The Pcm and NlpD anti-peptide antibodies were raised by immunizing rabbits with maleimide-activated KLH (Pierce) conjugated to the synthetic peptides CERLLQAIEAVPRER (amino acids 21-34 of Pcm) and CVGGDRSGTMLSKANT (amino acids 39-53 of NlpD).

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  • Toby Jenkins and colleagues at the University of Bath have used a plasma to create a simple means to deposit a silver maleimide complex onto three-dimensional objects.

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  • [67] to 1.0 mg of maleimide-activated keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH) and subsequently mixed with 600 µg of the uncoupled protein mixture for use as immunogens.

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  • [3]) [3] P succinimide + NAD (P) + [3] S maleimide + NAD (P) H

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