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  • noun The transformation of a district by building shopping malls.


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mall +‎ -ing


  • I have also witnesses the "malling" of quanit communities.

    More likelihood Superama is indeed coming to SMA

  • What in Concha's kitchen does the Bill of Rights have to do with the holiday season when everyone is out and about "malling" each other (or perhaps it's "mauling" each other) over the latest smart phone, gaming console (even though there's probably already two or three back home), must have outfit, or perfume?

    Vito de la Cruz: The Bill of Rights

  • Settled with a factory and farming (and main roading and high schooling and shopping malling) population 1000 times denser than that of the nomadic plains Indians that American settlers faced in 1850: 1000 per square mile v. 1 per square mile.

    Matthew Yglesias » What We Could Do for Palestinians

  • Something that has bothered me for a long time - and others have a similar angst - is what I call New York's mental malling.

    Adam Hanft: Do We Need Another Place to Kvetch? More Than You Realize

  • Much like the work of Upton Sinclair in his 1906 title The Jungle, Mr. Schlosser, an award-winning investigative journalist exposed how the explosive growth of fast food in America had "hastened the malling of our landscape, widened the chasm between rich and poor, fueled an epidemic of obesity, and propelled American cultural imperialism abroad."

    Rob Smart: From Fast Food Nation to Pro Food Ventures

  • After the dress was successfully prepped, we went over to the Villainous Lair to pick up falfox for a day of malling.

    Update Schmupdate

  • Thereupon King Yunan took the bat from the Sage and grasped it firmly; then, mounting steed, he drove the ball before him and gallopped after it till he reached it, when he struck it with all his might, his palm gripping the bat handle the while; and he ceased not malling the ball till his hand waxed moist and his skin, perspiring, imbibed the medicine from the wood.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • But I came away depressed because it was only an extreme extension of the malling of the world that I lament and wonder whether whether eBay and Etsy can cure in my book.

    Where is Dubai? « BuzzMachine

  • In your mailbox: Data merchants put together malling lists of stunning complexity that help companies tar. get likely prospects.

    How Did They Get My Name?

  • Growing pains/malling America: the fast-moving fight to stop urban sprawl.

    Global Environment Outlook (GEO-4)~ Chapter 6


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