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  • Declare la guerra ya hdp y si es el caso vamos hasta por ese pedregal mal llamado malvinas, las falklands son Colombianas!

    Global Voices in English » Colombia: The Extraordinary UNASUR Meeting in Bariloche

  • As for that pointless tool in the video calling them "las malvinas", bet that arese reads The Guardian.

    Memories of the Falklands

  • Por su parte Argentina ataca esporadicamente a la Task Force Británica en Malvinas (Video original de autor desconocido en honor a pilotos argentinos en epopeya ataque al HMS Invencible en malvinas 1982). - Articles related to EU and Latin America plan booming common markets

  • Didin't the argentinians razed by the british army in the malvinas back in the 80's? Feed

  • Tension en las islas malvinas (Falklands islands) sigue la Tension en las islas malvinas (Falklands islands) - Photown News

  • I wish it was me holding the microphone, when that smug twat called the faklands "las malvinas"

    Memories of the Falklands

  • To learn more about Disqus and its features, the Imtes and jews week are anglosaxon propaganda machinary = thse two papers are typical examples of how to reufte the allegation of mainstream media being under jewish control the same timews which are proiraq and pror afgan wars was very much agasint israle in 1982 labanon war-jsut look at thier colums between june to spetemebr of 1982. so was newsweek and everyother american media-while prasing british attack in malvinas island they were vehement agasitn israeli attack. so there you are. the reason thse pwpers and rubbish periodicals support israel today is because isreal is convenet scape gotat whitle anglosaxon race is spreading its empire through mayehma nd torture. and afgansita was much mroe liberal when soviets wetn there but times and newspweek and american and british didnto like that. Main RSS Feed


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