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  • noun Plural form of mammaliaform.


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  • Furthermore, while the cochleal canal is shorter, and the promontorium is smaller, in basal mammaliaforms than is the case in mammals (Luo et al. 1995), Morganucodon in more mammal-like in these features than are more basal mammaliaforms (like Sinoconodon).

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  • But several studies have shown that basal mammaliaforms were intermediate in these regards, and different from mammals (Rosowski & Graybeal 1991, Graybeal et al. 1998, Luo et al. 1995).

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  • Pam Gill compared the lower jaws of the contemporaneous basal mammaliaforms

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  • And the thing is, that (1) while we know that mammals have pinnae, that doesn’t mean that non-mammalian mammaliaforms did, and (2) it’s well established that basal mammaliaforms like Megazostrodon differed in bony ear anatomy from mammals.

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  • The ossified Meckel’s cartilage and internal groove in Mesozoic mammaliaforms: implications to origin of the definitive mammalian middle ear.

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  • It’s a docodont: a mid-Mesozoic group of mammaliaforms the larger clade of mammals and their closest relatives.

    Controversies in Evolution: 'Jurassic beaver' unearthed in China - The Panda's Thumb


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