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  • n. Either of two extinct species of Hawaiian honeycreepers of the genus Drepanis.

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  • n. The sickle-billed sunbird, Drepanis pacifica, one of the honey-suckers of Hawaii: exterminated for the sake of its yellow feathers, which were used in making feather cloaks worn by the chiefs. It was black with golden-yellow rump and lower back. See cut under Drepanis.
  • n. A cloak made wholly or partly from the feathers of this bird.

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  • n. black honeycreepers with yellow feathers around the tail; now extinct


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From Hawaiian mamo.


  • Cancer researchers are hopeful about new breast cancer tests, just approved, called the mamo-print.

    CNN Transcript Feb 7, 2007

  • About a year ago I knew a woman Lakeside who felt a lump in her breast; she got a mamo and then a sonogram and all medical persons agreed a biopsy was in order.

    Access to medical specialists at Lakeside

  • I saw one of the mamo cloaks that was superior to that finest one in the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, and that they value atbetween half a million and a million dollars.


  • There were tapes and mats of the rarest and oldest; capes and leis and helmets and cloaks, priceless all, except the too-ancient ones, of the feathers of the mamo, and of the iwi and the akakano and the o-o.


  • Tuviste problemas con tu hermano cuando te reuniste con el durante el velorio de tu mamo?

    CNN Transcript Nov 4, 2009

  • It is of these feathers that the mamo or war-cloak of Kamehameha I., now used on state occasions by the Hawaiian kings, is composed.

    The Hawaiian Archipelago

  • Drepanis pacifica, the Hawaii mamo, was last seen in 1899.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • Yellow was the most valued color, a stroke of bad luck for species like Drepanis pacifica, the Hawaii mamo, with its bright yellow rump highlighted against a starling-black body.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • ETHERIDGE: ... they will say -- yes, they will say, isn't it funny that, you know, mom and mamo, or whoever they call us by then, that they had trouble back then?

    CNN Transcript - Larry King Live: Melissa Etheridge and Julie Cypher Discuss Family Matters - January 20, 2000

  • The _mamo_ (_Drepanis pacifica_) yields feathers of a richer color, but so distributed that they can not be plucked from the living bird.

    The Hawaiian Romance Of Laieikawai


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