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  • n. an armed naval vessel


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  • Richard Turnbull sailed to brief fame and glory aboard the frigate _Quicksilver, _captured a substantial French prize -- a man-o'-war, no less, plus the treasure ship it was escorting -- then retired to the safety of commissioning, building, rigging, and outfitting Quicksilver House ... and a less fraught engagement, finding a suitable wife to complement the soft furnishings of his new, landlocked command.

    The Body Ricardo

  • It was on the island of Cephallonia, the place that travellers describe as looking like a dismasted man-o'-war, and the town where they landed was Lixouri.

    Captain Corelli's Mandolin

  • From below it looked like a cross between a man-o'-war jellyfish and the world's biggest shark.

    The Silver Spike

  • It never even occurred to him that a hospital ship could be used as a man-o'-war.

    San Andreas

  • But the boat that was leaving the Bride of Abydos was not being handled in the man-o'-war fashion one would have expected of Ramsbottom.

    Hornblower In The West Indies

  • Now, as she came up into the harbour, she could pass without question for a man-o'-war brig except that she flew the Royal Yacht Squadron burgee instead of a commission pendant.

    Hornblower In The West Indies

  • She appeared to have a truncated funnel and the high fighting superstructure of a man-o'-war.

    Graf Spee

  • I seed a man on a man-o'-war got up in the Reg'lars 'style.

    McClure's Magazine, Vol. 6, No. 5, April, 1896

  • "I will go without it," he resolved, and counted the hours to the sailing of the man-o'-war.

    Fletcher of Madeley

  • He passes away from the history of Lundy, but now a French man-o'-war and now a Spanish made raids up the Bristol Channel and upon Lundy, until Thomas Bushel held it for Charles I and established some measure of order.

    Lynton and Lynmouth A Pageant of Cliff & Moorland


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  • For all we know, you have, bilby! I haven't yet come across any Australian nicknames for birds (though I'm still searching). I say you make it official.

    December 12, 2007

  • He's lucky that Australians didn't hand out bird nicknames, we would have called it Big Red Frig.

    December 12, 2007

  • That's what I'd like to know. Wikipedia claims it's because the nickname reflects its rakish lines, speed, and aerial piracy of other birds. I'd like to think this bulging red thing has something to do with it, too.

    December 12, 2007

  • Now really! Why on God's green earth does something called a magnificent frigatebird need a nickname?!

    December 12, 2007

  • Folk name for the Magnificent Frigatebird.

    December 12, 2007