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  • n. a special glove cover worn by fencers, specifically sabreurs, on their weapon hand
  • n. a conically shaped array of microtubules that completely covers the nucleus of a spermatid
  • n. an upholstered arm on a wooden-frame chair like a bergère or fauteuil.
  • n. a vertical heading within a newspaper article computer generated image.
  • n. a sleeve for the forearm, worn especially by triathletes and made of materials that reduce wind drag.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A word used in English at different periods for various ornamental styles of cuff.


From French manchette. (Wiktionary)


  • At the bottom of the trench we laid a stout log, in which was firmly fixed my manchette, its sharp point upward.

    Adventures in Southern Seas A Tale of the Sixteenth Century

  • When the crocodile came to the sand-pit we had dug on the road he sank down, when the sharp blade of the manchette entered his breast, and as he dashed forward, rove him to the navel, so that he died on the spot in the greatest agony.

    Adventures in Southern Seas A Tale of the Sixteenth Century

  • It was a simple repast -- a manchette, or small loaf of bread of pure white flour, a loaf of household bread, sometimes a lump of cheese, and either a great flagon of ale or of sweet wine, warm and spiced.

    Men of Iron

  • Boldly he plunged his hand in, soiling thereby his _manchette_; but he recovered the trifle.

    In Troubadour-Land A Ramble in Provence and Languedoc

  • As I looked at the slight structure, however, it appeared to me incapable of bearing more than the weight of a single man, while a few cuts with a manchette would have sent it into the torrent below.

    In New Granada Heroes and Patriots

  • Each man carried by his left side a long manchette, or sword-knife, secured to his girdle.

    In New Granada Heroes and Patriots

  • The only weapon Manoel possessed, besides the manchette at his girdle, was his sharp-pointed staff, -- not calculated for an encounter with so powerful a beast.

    In New Granada Heroes and Patriots

  • His only resource on such an occasion is his manchette, or long knife, -- by means of which, if he can stab the jaguar, he may possibly escape.

    In New Granada Heroes and Patriots

  • His only clothing was a broad-brimmed hat, and a pair of loose drawers fastened round his waist by a girdle, to which was hung his manchette.

    In New Granada Heroes and Patriots

  • Manoel dashed forward and plunged his stick into the creature's neck, pinning it to the ground; then drawing his manchette, he quickly terminated its existence.

    In New Granada Heroes and Patriots


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